Moving For Emilia

Emilia“It is hard to stop at a couple of sentences when it comes to how much of an impact Hold Your Horses has made on Emilia’s life.  Thanks for everything!”  Kate, Emilia’s mom

Please donate today and help us move for Emilia and Move for Good

Home of our own means:  

  •  Expanding capacity to transform more lives like Ellie’s through equine- assisted therapies
  • Offering more trauma informed mental health services in partnership with Cairns

    Lily Suitcase

    Psychological Services

  •  Creating new wellness and education programs

  •  Ensuring HYH’s sustainability for years to come

How you can help:

  • Donate to our Homeward Bound fund today and help meet our $20,000 matching grant thanks to the Julie Oswald Family
  • Come see the new farm September 25, 2016 at Hay There!
  • Volunteer to help HYH move to its forever home.  Sign up here
  • Be a Barn Raiser and support the purchase of HYH’s forever home!  Contact a board member here
  • Run with us on October 2, 2016 for Ding Dong Dash!


Moving For Mental Health.

MHhugDid you know that HYH provides mental health services?  One of our programs started in 2014 partners with Cairns Psychological Services and Hennepin County to provide equine assisted psychotherapy groups for young girls who are trauma survivors.  Since that time more than 50 young woman have taken some of their first steps into a barn followed by their next steps toward a healthier life. 

IMG_2386HYH is moving for mental health. We need your support to get us moved and settled into our forever home. Your gifts will be matched dollar for dollar with our current $20,000 campaign thanks to the Julie Oswald Family Fund. CLICK HERE and give today.
Every dollar makes a difference.



Moving For Ellie.6

HYH in the news.  Read about Ellie and learn more about our services at the new farm.  Please donate today, we are Moving For Good.
Read the Star Tribune article here.



Moving for Good. Moving for Nathan.

Hospital, then horse! (usually, it’s the other way around for most kids)

Nathan (who has cerebral palsy that affects his right arm and leg) just completed an intensive therapy program at a hospital clinic. The improvements were dramatic and now he needed to continue with follow-up therapy for several more weeks but Mom said he was therapied out! He refused to do the tasks, complained of illness before going and cried on the car rides to the clinic. So, Mom called Hold Your Horses.

At Hold Your Horses Nathan received occupational therapy at the barn where he did not hesitate to jump into action.  From his first visit he was rolling barrels and carrying poles to help set up the arena. Then he would climb aboard one of his favorite horses for hippotherapy to engage the right and left side of his body, improve his coordination and strengthen his muscles for good posture. Nathan exceeded his goals at Hold Your Horses and at his six month evaluation, back at the hospital, Nathan jumped the standards.  He showed improved coordination, improved grip strength and big gains in his jumping and hopping skills. Now Nathan is playing soccer with his peers and causing lots of trouble says Mom — with both sides of his body.

HYH is moving for Nathan and so many others. Help us move to our forever home and Move For Good.

HYH is on the move to a new home!

Screenshot (41)
Yes, we are moving and this time it is for good! The early spring of 2016 greeted Hold Your Horses with a decision that our lease at Bel Farms would not be renewed. As we contemplated our next adventure a benefactor stepped forward with an amazing offer to help us purchase our own home. Giddyup!

This last year challenged our human, financial and emotional resources. With your support we thrived. HYH therapy teams served up to 40 young people weekly with multi-disciplinary services that partner our experts and our horses (our most important employees!).

Moving forward Hold Your Horses will continue to grow as a standard bearer for best practices in direct services, along with education, training and support for caregivers and professionals.

We have started the search for our next, and permanent home and plan to move by summers end. We are thankful to the owners of both our first and second homes. We would not be here today without their belief and support for our therapy services and the positive outcomes we see in our clients each week.

To all of you who have stayed in the saddle with us through these years, we are deeply grateful. The impact of your support is the most significant factor in our success. We will keep you updated with the exciting details as we head out on the trail.

Janet Weisberg
and the entire team at Hold Your Horses (human and equine)

P.S. We invite you to share your ideas and resources and we will be in touch soon
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