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Hold Your Horses is my son's happy place. I am so grateful for this magical place. Julie, client parent

What makes you feel connected? 

At Hold Your Horses we help build connections.  A connection with a horse can be the beginning to learning a new skill that helps a life move forward when challenged by disability or trauma. Our horses make it happen.  Thank you for supporting our work partnering with them today and for years to come at our farm in Greenfield, Minnesota.

A Word from Janet Weisberg, HYH Executive Director

Connection. I felt it at 2 a.m. when I stood in the barn aisle, ankle deep in water, both hands poised on the hose of a wet vac. A gentle puff of exhale grazed my cheek and I looked up at two large brown eyes peering directly into my soul. Down the barn aisle I could see seven more horses watching me work. For a moment I forgot the overwhelming wetness and absorbed the feeling of connection with these incredible animals and their stoic presence during this time of snow melting chaos.

Hours earlier, when a freaky winter thaw sent the first water flowing into the barn, I decided to stay through the night just to hold off the worst of it until the team returned in the morning. I would surely get some sleep, I thought, waking only once or twice to run the pumps. Well, Murphy’s Law and all that. The horses stayed with me though, nudging me along as I rolled the wet vac down the aisle to empty countless gallons of water into the wash stall drain. The human team would return at daybreak but it was clear the horses were with me until more help arrived.

That feeling of connection is key to successful outcomes for the children, adults and families we serve here at the farm. Once people feel connection, through understanding a horse behavior or feeling the physical movement, their brains open a pathway to new learning. That new learning means getting unstuck from a moment in time so they can begin to actively transform their lives. In my case that night it meant returning to the task at hand with renewed dedication.

In the morning, the humans arrived and we worked through the day to clear the remaining melting snow from the roof and walls of the barn. We filled sand bags and dug trenches to send the last of the water away from the barn. Our neighbor Willy, volunteers, staff and board members all stepped in with food, shovels, pumps and incredible energy. We even managed to see a few clients that day (!). Hold Your Horses is a community of care and connection. Through our therapy services at the farm we continue to provide opportunity for people to make a connection and move forward in their lives. Thanks to all of you for making our work possible and for supporting year three in our forever home.

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Hold Your Horses is a Minnesota nonprofit dedicated to moving lives forward from trauma and disability with the help of a horse.

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