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Are We There Yet?

Riding out this last stretch (we hope) of the pandemic certainly feels similar to the common child call out from the back seat of the car “Are we there yet?”

A common answer is “no…and stop kicking your brother (sister, car seat, etc. ). We will be there when we get there!” This answer being the absolute worst outcome for a child who is craving escape from the confines of the car, and perhaps for so many of us wondering how and when this COVID car ride will end. We will arrive somewhere, and just as we want our children to tumble out of the car intact and maintaining decent relations with their siblings, we hope our larger community will arrive with kindness and respect for each other’s experience of the journey.

At the farm we are grateful for vaccines and a summer season of outdoor time with our clients. We are taking a cautious road back to more robust schedules and will continue to mask indoors in an effort to protect those who cannot vaccinate. Outdoors we unmask and breathe deeply with gratitude for this farm and our dedication to healing and resilience.

As for our COVID mantra: “Hold Your Horses and Wash Your Hands” it’s just a click away to purchase on the wearable of your choice.

Wishing all of you a summer season of renewal and peaceful car rides.

-Janet Weisberg, MS OTR/L HPCS, Founding Director