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“Magic happens behind those barn doors”

When a parent writes something like this I can honestly say that I read it more than once and share with whoever will listen. This kind of feedback is the joy that coincides with our challenges. This winter has brought many challenges and sometimes even the feelings of Alexander in the story about his no good day. The families we serve are grateful for the connection provided during a time of unprecedented isolation. Their time at the farm is life affirming and when they demonstrate positive outcomes joy is abundant. Making that time available though has certainly brought many challenges for our team.

Straddling the changing needs to stay safe in the pandemic this winter meant toggling back and forth between telehealth and in person services. We are also managing changes to our herd, a few horse injuries (healing now), staff transitions, unexpected repair and replacement costs of a barn aisle heater (hello $2600) and of course, the wonder of salt on a driveway turned ice rink. We step in to these challenges (usually wearing Yak Traks so we don’t slip…!) and continue to move forward. There are days though…and that’s when we call on the joy. We read aloud a thank you note. We share a corny joke that nudges a smile to emerge…Why did the horse cross the road? To visit a neighhhhbor. We watch a horse drop his head for a scratch from an unsteady hand.

This life is full of challenge for the people we serve. We commit every day to our mission to move lives forward from trauma and disability with the help of a horse – even on those days when we, like Alexander, might just consider a move to Australia. My sincere thanks to all of you who continue to support our work. We are here because of you.

Sending out wishes for good health and joy in winter.

-Janet Weisberg, MS OTR/L HPCS, Founding Director