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Kenz is an out-of-the-box strategist, who is skilled in curating meaningful experiences and designing efficient systems for teams and organizations. They have a M.S. from the Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota and recent experience in nonprofit leadership for environmental and animal welfare issues. As a graduate student researching social capital in rural New England, Kenz spent time working on a goat farm, overseeing an off-the-grid homestead, and living in a remote cabin with their dog. Ever since, they have been inspired to help other people discover the healing power of nature and animals in their own lives. They are ecstatic to work with such a professional and compassionate team—first as a volunteer and now as the Director of Strategic Initiatives. In their free time, Kenz enjoys adventuring with their spouse and dogs, volunteering with animals, listening to podcasts, and contemplating systems of belonging.