Meet our Equine Team


Yosi is a 13 hand POA (Pony of the Americas) gelding. He is loving, kind and gentle and is one of the most senior members of our herd. Yosi has one brown eye and one blue eye and does suffer from some vision problems. For this reason he needs to wear a fly mask year round to protect his eyes from bright light. His favorite treats are carrots and salty crackers.

Ghost is a 15.2 hand Pinto gelding. He is the herd leader, the longest serving member of the HYH herd and a very good teacher. His favorite treat is a peppermint and if you come on property with one in your pocket, he will find you.

Whisper is a 14.3 hand Morgan gelding. He came to HYH with his owner, psychologist Molly DePrekel and happily participates in all of our programs and services. Whisper loves to have his mane brushed and enjoys apples, peppermints and carrots.

Lily is a 12 hand Haflinger Fjord cross mare. She is the only mare in our herd and knows that she is smart and beautiful. Lily has survived several episodes of laminitis (very sore feet) and is the toughest pony around. These days she is working less but always knows what is happening at the farm! She welcomes affection and sugar free treats.

Dancer is a 15 hand Missouri Fox Trotter Gelding. He is the most senior member of our herd and came to us after years of serving in the mounted Sheriff’s patrol. He is very good at letting you know where is itchy spots are and he loves apples and carrots.

Rusty is a 16 hand paint gelding and is the newest member of the HYH herd. He is also the biggest. He is learning his new job and loves to be brushed and groomed. He enjoys apples and carrots but he actually prefers a good back scratch!

Bentley is a 14 hand grade horse. That means we have no idea what breed he is. He is still learning the ropes of being a therapy horse and mostly enjoys time with our director Janet Weisberg (they sort of deserve each other). Bentley is very social with all visitors to the barn and loves apples, carrots and peppermints.