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Mental Health Therapy

Experiential, emobodied therapy services with compassionate and professional staff.

All of us can feel lonely, dissatisfied, or disconnected throughout the seasons of life. At times we might not have words to fully express our pain or frustration. Attuning to emotions, horses can help us feel seen and at peace with difficult experiences when words remain far away. From that founding relationship, a profound journey of trust and healing can begin.

Hold Your Horses offers individual, couples, family, and group psychotherapy services with the help of horses and nature to support overall wellbeing and healing from trauma. Therapy at the farm is beneficial for developing mindfulness practices, growing self-confidence and self-compassion, exploring relationship challenges and building relationship skills, enhancing emotion regulation and other coping strategies, and moving forward from trauma.

During a therapy session at the farm, clients may experience activities such as grooming and leading horses, observing horse behavior, mindfulness practices with the animals, and walks in nature, in conjunction with a variety of other therapeutic techniques provided by a licensed practitioner. An initial intake is an opportunity to see the farm, meet the team, and discuss your therapy goals.

All sessions are scheduled for a full hour (60 minutes). At this time, we are only accepting new clients 13 years old or older.

Session Fees

Individual Intake Session: $160

Individual Regular Session: $145

Individual Mounted Session: $180

Individual Co-therapy Session: $235

Couples & Family Session: $180

HYH is an out-of-network provider and does not bill insurance companies directly. We are able to provide a superbill (a detailed receipt for services that includes a clinical diagnosis) for you upon payment in full to self-submit to your insurance company if you choose. 

We are committed to making our services accessible and offer a structured sliding fee option. We are also able to accept waiver funds and can invoice directly to the fiscal agency.  It is recommended you get approval from your waiver case manager prior to starting services.

Contact Us!

If you are interested in scheduling an intake or would like more information, please call our office at 763-498-0007 or email us at: officemanager@holdyourhorses.org

How to find us.

(763) 498-0007‬

5265 Woodland Trail
Greenfield, MN 55357

Office Hours: Mon-Fri  8:30am - 5pm


Hold Your Horses is a Minnesota nonprofit dedicated to cultivating healing with the wisdom of animals and nature.

Hold Your Horses

5265 Woodland Trail, Loretto, MN 55357, USA

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