I was nervous for Natalie when we went that first day as she cruised to the barn in her walker. I didn’t think she would go for it on the first try…I figured there would be tears and hesitation to get on a big animal with new people around her. But I also knew from experience with Isaiah that Janet and Lisa could handle that just fine. After saying our hellos, catching up and filling out some paperwork, it was time for Natalie to meet Lily. Natalie cruised up the ramp with Janet and was introduced to her newest form of therapy…a beautiful and gentle horse with a soft pad on her back just for Natalie. Well, I am quite happy to say that my nerves were for nothing…Miss Natalie climbed on with out flinching and off she went. Now, everyday I’m asked “Mommy, Janet (an-et) and Lisa (ee-sa) and Lily (she couldn’t say Lily when she started, but she can now!)? Horsey?” I have to remind her, not today, on Thursday. If it’s Thursday, she happily gets dressed (which is rare) and heads out to the van with a smile nothing else can beat.—Tabitha Labelle

Janet and her staff at Hold Your Horses are phenomenal.  Maxx, my son who has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy has been participating in Janet’s program for 5 years now and it is by far the most favorite activity he does. Janet has that special way of making it so fun and yet so beneficial. I believe it is Janet’s special attention and knowledge that have kept Maxx’s physical and emotional health so well intact. His overall range of function including strength, endurance, respiratory and communication far exceed expectations of child with DMD. I am so thankful for Janet and her staff for providing such a wonderful program.   – Terry Kirley

Hippotherapy is one of the best things we do for Janine, as far as engaging her, motivating her, and getting her muscles working in an organized way. It has contributed to increased communication in a nonverbal child as well. Janet’s experience, dedication, and passion for this type of therapy are complemented by her calm and friendly manner. She is one of the best OT’s we have ever worked with, in any setting. Thanks Janet for making a difference in Janine’s life! Kate Jensen

My 11 year old son, Jadon, who has autism, epilepsy, ADHD, low muscle tone and delayed coordination, and who readily slouches most of the time, was playing a video game in our family room close to his bedtime at the end of an active weekend. Rather than being tired and relaxing his body on a soft surface as he has usually does, he was seated on the hard floor and suddenly he straightened up his back and proudly stated to me as I approached him, “I’m sitting straighter and taller because that’s how you are supposed to ride the horses where Lily, Ghost and Yosi live.” —Annette Kodner

The personalized attention, professional recommendations for seating and posture made a significant improvement in our daughters ability to ride. We also had a number of one-on-one sessions of Hippotherapy with Janet that were fantastic. Our daughter walks with assistance and needs a lot of physical cues. Janet combines her skill-set of Occupational Therapy, horsemanship and body movements to match what Devra needs to help her relax and smooth out her gait. We can only speak highly of Janet. —Sue and Ron Goldstein

It has been wonderful to see improvements in my daughter’s posture and coordination. I have also noticed how calm and focused she is following hippotherapy. She is more attentive and focused on school projects. Plus, she looks forward to it which is a huge benefit. —Kari Espinosa

I can not thank the staff at Hold Your Horses enough! Having a teenager that not only has severe cognitive delays, but also has behavioral problems, your staff have all been a godsend to Samantha & myself. Samantha is non-verbal for most of the week, but the moment she gets on the horse, she is talking about bowling, balls, basketball, horses—and my personal favorite, “Ma-ma”. You are incredible at coaching out of her the verbal words that she has the ability to say & encouraging her to say more. She is relaxed, happy & an attentive child when she is with you—she so looks forward to her riding time. Thank you!!!! —Brenda Gjerdingen