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Occupational Therapy

Experiential, emobodied therapy services with compassionate and professional staff.

Occupational therapy at the farm brings meaningful treatment into every session. The opportunity provided by movement of the horse and the rich sensory environment of the farm is unmatched in clinic or classroom settings.  When providing hippotherapy (horse = hippo)  in session, our clinicians use evidence-based practice and clinical reasoning to direct the movement of the horse as a therapy treatment tool to engage sensory, neuromotor and cognitive systems to promote functional outcomes.

Sessions begin as soon as the individual arrives to meet their team: a licensed occupational therapist, therapy aide, horse handler – and horse! Occupational therapy sessions with hippotherapy are primarily mounted activities (on the back of a horse) but often include pre and post work (on the ground) to help with treatment goals. Pre and post work might include grooming, farm chores or nature- based activities. All activities are graded to meet client needs for safety and learning.

Common skills areas addressed in occupational therapy at the farm include motor planning, coordination, mobility, emotional regulation, communication, respiration and sensory integration. Skill development leads to functional outcomes that include improved mobility, practiced social skills, success with self-care routines, self-advocacy and greater independence with daily activities at school, play, work and home. Every client is unique and therapy services at the farm are strength based, client directed, trauma informed and culturally sensitive.

 Occupational therapy services begin with an onsite screening to determine if therapy with horses is a good fit for the individual. While occupational therapy with hippotherapy is an incredibly impactful service it is not right for every individual. Some contraindications for service include spinal curvature, rigidity or instability, active skin lesions, shunts, uncontrolled seizures and allergies. Any contraindications or safety concerns will be assessed in the initial screening and discussed before the start of scheduled services. Sessions are typically scheduled weekly for 8 to 12 weeks to meet short-term goals. Many clients return for later episodes of care as they continue to progress. Families are invited to observe therapy sessions from a safe distance outdoors or from the viewing area in our temperature-controlled therapy arena when sessions are held indoors.

Session Fees

Initial Screening: $100

Clinical Evaluation: $180

Regular Session: $180/hr

HYH is an out-of-network provider and does not bill insurance companies directly. We are able to provide a superbill (a detailed receipt for services that includes a clinical diagnosis) for you upon payment in full to self-submit to your insurance company if you choose. 

We are committed to making our services accessible and offer a structured sliding fee option. We are also able to accept waiver funds and can invoice directly to the fiscal agency.  It is recommended you get approval from your waiver case manager prior to starting services.

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If you are interested in scheduling a screening or would like more information, please call our office at 763-498-0007 or email us at: officemanager@holdyourhorses.org

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