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Clinical Services at Hold Your Horses

Pricing and Services

At Hold Your Horses we offer therapy services and programming that explores the healing outcomes offered by partnership with the horse and time in the natural environment. We welcome people to experience the peaceful environment of our 69 acre farm and recognize that there is no replicating this opportunity in a clinic or classroom setting.

Please know that we do not bill insurance companies for clinical services at this time. We offer direct pay options and also accept waiver payments. Clients may choose to self-submit claims to their insurance provider for out of network, outpatient services but should discuss terms with their provider before the start of services. HYH can directly invoice most fiscal intermediaries for waiver funding with approval from case manager prior to start of services. Thanks to our generous donors, a sliding fee scale is available to all clients upon request.


Occupational Therapy Services:

Occupational Therapy (OT) Services at Hold Your Horses specialize in hippotherapy. Hippotherapy is the purposeful manipulation of equine movement as a therapy tool to engage sensory, neuromotor and cognitive systems in order to promote functional outcomes. During sessions an occupational therapist along with a therapy aide and horse handler facilitate equine movement and client positioning and offer a variety of purposeful activities to help the client achieve goals outlined in their plan of care. Depending on client goals, sessions may also include unmounted activities working with a horse or exploring the sensory rich environment of the farm. Hourly sessions are held weekly and one episode of care may run 10 to 12 weeks in order to meet short term goals.

• Initial screening $45
• Evaluation $160
• Sessions $160 per hour

Mental Health Services:

Hold Your Horses offers mental health services that partner with equines (horses and donkeys). Clients will participate in equine activities such as leading, grooming and observing horse behaviors in conjunction with a variety of counseling techniques provided by a licensed practitioner. During each session a horse handler may be present to provide additional support for client safety. This therapy is beneficial for mindfulness skills, self-regulation, communication strategies and moving forward from trauma.

Individual therapy Fees:

  • Initial intake $160
  • Hourly sessions (non mounted) $145
  • Hourly session (mounted) $235. These sessions are up to the discretion of the treating clinician and include consultation and support from an occupational therapist.

Group Therapy Fees:

Our group therapy offers a co treatment model that benefits from the expertise of  both OT and Mental Health service providers.

3-4 clients          60 minutes: $400/90 minutes: $550/120 minutes: $700

5-8 clients          90 minutes: $600/120 minutes: $750

9-12 clients        90 minutes: $700/120 minutes: $800

Workshops and Restorative Retreats

Hold Your Horses offers restorative retreats to address the needs of direct service teams in our community. Our farm in Greenfield, MN features heated indoor facilities, wonderful therapy horses and 69 acres of open space. The retreat will offer hands on activities with the horses, group discussion and time interacting with the natural environment. Day long sessions include snacks, supplies and a box lunch. (Please note that scheduling may be limited due to the pandemic.)


 5-10 Participants.  $2,500

 11-15 participants, $3,200

How to find us.

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5265 Woodland Trail
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Hours: 7am - 7pm

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Hold Your Horses is a Minnesota nonprofit dedicated to moving lives forward from trauma and disability with the help of a horse.

Hold Your Horses

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