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Joy and humor aid healing on a neurological and physiological level. Laughter increases oxygen to our organs and muscles, and releases the feel-good chemicals into our brains. It can provide a sense of overall well-being and temporary relief of pain. A smile can lower your heart rate and decrease anxiety.

That’s why we post bouncy horse races and silly pictures of mini-donkeys in derby hats: joy is essential for healing and humor is critical for coping.

As we are bombarded by terrible news of unprovoked war in Ukraine, the unrelenting COVID virus, challenges of global warming, and angry political divisions in our government…it is imperative that we play, laugh, and find joy.

We understand the importance of this at the farm because therapy work is serious too. Hold Your Horses offers healing services to children with life altering disabilities and for youth who have experienced unspeakable trauma. Joy is one our values at the farm because where there is a moment of joyful release, there is usually a moment of healing relief.

Allow yourself joy— even if it’s just a moment. Because the world needs you.

We need you too. Thank you for stopping the raindrops from falling on our heads!

-Janet Weisberg, HYH Founding Director